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HiTi TK28 Proximity RFID Card



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The most obvious and widely used security feature for personal identification is a passport photo. A security card is a card used for identification purposes that is typically the size of a credit card. There are varies types of security cards, such as Grid Card, Smart Card, Proximity Card and Contactless Card, etc. These are applied to the card in high quality through color printing, usually using the inkjet drop-on-demand method or sometimes through laser engraving and other techniques. A card used for identification purposes which is typically the size of a credit card. See magnetic stripe, smart card and SecurID card. Passport photos have the great advantage of functioning without a reading device. Printable RFID Card (Radio-Frequency Identification Cards & Badges) ​​are used for applications where tracking or identifying personnel is important or where access control is required. Various RFID frequency bands are utilized in cards today, including 125 kHz low frequency proximity, 13.56 MHz high frequency smart card, Security Access Control Cards, Proximity RFID Card, ID Card, NFC Smart Card and 860-960 MHz ultra-high frequency (UHF).

As we all know, plastic card can be made with PVC, or PET, PET, ABS finish to meet different performance, cost and durability requirements. The standard size is bank card size, the standard thickness is 0.76MM, and it can be laminated into three different surfaces : glossy, matte, and frosted. We mainly produce plastic cards, PVC card, photo ID card, plastic cards hanging strap and holder, smart card, IC card, RFID card, key card, RFID blocking card, RFID label, inlay, RFID tag, NFC tag, RFID ticket, RFID key tag, RFID wristband, RFID tag, UHF RFID readers, writer, card reader/writer, paper card, metal card, plastic playing card, game card. We have five professional factory, every day we produce more than 300 items products for our customers which from all over the world. Visual security cards offer enhanced security for your ID card program. These cards feature embedded holograms or holographic seals that increase the visual authenticity of your ID cards and reduce tampering. In addition, supplemental bio-metric data can be added to photos on driver's licenses or ID cards to render them machine-readable. Magicard HoloPatch CardsMagicard HoloPatch cards have a distinctive gold patch in one corner, making it easy to tell if a card is authentic. Combine the HoloPatch card with a Magicard HoloKote watermark for even more visual security. 

To manage access authorization or to provide person-specific configurations, identification options are needed. These tasks are often realized by ID or smart cards using unique security and characteristic features consisting of several layers. They work, depending on configuration, with or without contact. Security features on smart cards are categorically divided into physical or digital as well as visible and invisible. If your particular card is not listed then please let us know and we will provide a price and add it to our Online Shop store at and in BME.